Offensive Data Science: Hacking Your Data Before It Hacks You

We are excited to announce that TGIF will be speaking at the American Petroleum Institute’s 16th Annual Cybersecurity Conference! Come see us discuss Offensive Data Science under the Emerging Technologies track, as it pertains to energy, ICS, and critical infrastructure.

As the energy sector progresses towards digital operations, the reliability and integrity of operational data must be protected from adversarial manipulation. Simulating and detecting offensive data manipulation tactics for ICS systems can be incorporated as both proactive countermeasures as well as during incident responses. Evaluating the impact of data reconnaissance will also be a key factor in determining the information that can be gained and leveraged by adversaries, in the event that sensitive operational data is breached. These processes will be critical new security additions to effectively prevent or respond to the next major attack on the energy sector.

The American Petroleum Institute is the largest U.S. trade association for the oil and natural gas industry. For 16 years, the API Cybersecurity Conference has been the only cybersecurity conference dedicated to the oil and natural gas industry. As operators and service providers of energy critical infrastructure in the United States and globally, protecting assets from cyber-attacks is a priority of API’s member companies.