What We Do

Custom data science solutions and consultations

Operational Data Teams

TGIF assists clients with establishing Operational Data Teams, including skillset identification and hardware/software requirements. We also work with clients to ensure remote or onsite support in the event of incidents or short-term requirements.

Offensive Data Science

TGIF provides offensive test and exploit simulation services to ensure the security of our clients’ AI/ML solutions. Capabilities include simulations for adversarial machine learning, data poisoning, SIEM evasion, and more.

Cybersecurity Data Analysis

We provide full spectrum data science support across the cybersecurity industry. Our solutions are customized for clients and include anomaly detection, adversarial Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTP) identification, threat intelligence correlation, and more.

Big Data, Data Analytics and Platforms

We work with clients to identify optimal solutions for analyzing and integrating all data sources. From ingestion into existing tools to establishment of new distributed computing platforms and analytic suites, TGIF assists clients through the full life cycle of Big Data analysis.

Behavior Analysis and Exploratory Data Analysis

Every data stream is generated from unique human behavior. TGIF works with clients to extract insight from data sources across a variety of industries. Applications include cybersecurity adversarial identification, ICS/IOT operations, cryptocurrency and financial markets, business operations, and more.

Predictive Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning

We assist clients with the development and integration of analytics for predictive analysis, supervised & unsupervised machine learning, and artificial intelligence. Our solutions are customized to meet client goals, including forecasting, anomaly detection, optimization, and more.